Sidney Weinstein, who told SFist in December that she was seeking a buyer for her 1985-founded Valencia Street pizzeria Pauline's, is now transferring her beer and wine license to "Pauline's LLC." Don't expect any big changes, though: That LLC is just her (for now) and the restaurant remains open, doing business as usual. This is just the first step in passing the torch to a new buyer for her business, Weinstein explains, someone who can continue to turn out signature pies like pesto with vegetables for toppings and salads supplied by her own East Bay farm.

"We're still just looking for the right buyer," Weinstein tells SFist, adding there's been "quite a bit of interest" in the business. She may have a decision on a new owner within the next few weeks, she says.

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For now, "We're up and running," Weinstein says, seeking to correct the misconception that the restaurant is already closed or will close soon. "A lot of my customers have been expressing great unhappiness because they think we're closing," she says, and she fears business to Pauline's is slowing as a result.

As for that "right buyer," Weinstein adds that might be someone who would continue a business relationship with her farm, which also supplies restaurants like Chez Panisse, Prospect, and Flour & Water. If the new owner keeps orders from her farm coming in, Weinstein says she can keep it running, spending her semi-retirement — she turns 70 this year — with her vegetables.

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Caleb Pershan/SFist