35-year-old Alex Quintana, the victim in last week's savage beating by a group of motorcyclists involved in a sideshow on Highway 101 in San Francisco, is speaking out from his hospital bed and hoping the public can help the CHP apprehend the people who attacked him.

ABC 7 spoke with Quintana, who's been commuting in from Modesto to drive for Uber and Lyft in order to help support an infant son. He tells the station he's grateful to be alive and thankful to other motorists who captured the confrontation on cellphone video. He says one biker looked him in the eye as he ran over his leg, and Quintana says, "All I could do is lay there and cry and think about my kid."

The biker gang, initially identified by CHP officers as the "12 O'Clock Boys," are considered highly dangerous, and CHP spokesman Vu Williams tells NBC Bay Area, "We know that their methods are the same, [and] I just can't tell you [with] 100 percent certainty that these are the same people every single time."

The incident happened during the evening commute last Wednesday near the Cesar Chavez Street exit. Quintana inadvertently got in the way of one of the bikers who had briefly taken over the freeway doing wheelies and tricks, and his car either bumped or was bumped by the bike. The next thing he knew, a car that also seemed connected to the sideshow boxed him in, and when he exited the car, four to five bikers then began beating him, kicking him when he was down, and ultimately broke one of his legs in three places, and broke his nose and caused nerve damage.

He has since had surgery, and will now require months of rehab.

He explains to KRON 4 that the reason he got out of the car at all was because one of the bikers smashed his car window, and shards of glass had flown all over him and he was afraid of being blinded by it.

Friends have set up this GoFundMe campaign to help with his expenses, which has reached $3300 of its $5000 goal.

No arrests have been made, but the CHP is showing Quintana photos of known members of this gang in the hope that he might identify one of them — some of them were not wearing helmets at the time.

Those with any further information on the attack are asked to contact the CHP at 415-551-4100.

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