President Donald Trump has been wooing politicians and policy-makers with bowling and Nancy Pelosi is sick of it. The House Minority Leader and San Francisco representative spoke at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, saying that she's tired of President Trump and his administration inviting Republicans to the White House to bowl, the Associated Press reports.

"I really do think he's making fools of his own people quite frankly," said Pelosi. "You don't agree philosophically in what the legislation is? Let's go bowling at the White House. Come on."

The White House Bowling Alley was originally built by the Truman Administration for his staff, and then updated by Dick and Pat Nixon who, according to the White House website, were "avid" bowlers.

According to the AP, the bowling nights are "part of the administration effort to woo lawmakers to support the GOP health care bill." One group of Republicans reportedly sought turkeys there Thursday night, and members of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of Members of the House Republican Conference that seek "to advance an agenda of limited, constitutional government," is reportedly hoping for cheesy cakes next week.

But even when confronted with the idea of Republicans sliding around in brightly colored, perhaps even borrowed shoes, Pelosi was unmoved, saying that "I find the charm offensive offensive."