A San Francisco neighborhood already smarting from a wave of burglaries and the subsequent release of the suspect has another reason to be on the lookout today, after yet another break-in netted a thief or thieves a safe filled with guns.

SF's southwest neighborhoods of the Outer Sunset, Parkside, and Lakeshore have been on high alert for about a month, after the area was home to a remarkable spate of burglaries throughout February. Police touted the arrest of a suspect in the crimes later that month, and expressed frustration to the media earlier this week after the man seemingly caught on video committing some of the crimes was released on his own recognizance, perhaps to offend again.

It's still unclear if the release of this suspect, who video surveillance suggests worked as part of a pair, is in any way related to a disturbing new crime reported Wednesday afternoon, when a safe that NBC Bay Area reports contained "more than two dozen guns" was stolen from a home on a quiet street near Lake Merced.

According to NBC, the thief or thieves raided the residence on Morningside Drive at around 1:30 p.m.

"A woman who identified herself only as the daughter of the burglary victims," NBC reports, "said her father told her he was gone maybe 90 minutes and returned to find someone had kicked in the front door, stolen a safe and ransacked the house."

According to a poster on neighborhood website Nextdoor, "My parents live on the same block. Talking with the victim and cops we found out they lost at least 30 firearms, and a lot of jewelry."

"I think they've lost trust, and I think they're going to be a little hesitant every time they leave the house," the woman said of her parents, people who, again, owned at least two dozen guns, maybe more. "They're going to be a little paranoid."

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