Okay, so maybe Emma Watson didn't really go to Hogwarts like her famous Harry Potter character, but she did get her degree from prestigious muggle school Brown University and could totally work at FaceGoogle or whatever this Circle company is supposed to be if she weren't busy portraying a character who works there and questions the whole premise of technology/digital privacy/mass surveillance or whatever. That's what happens when you don't learn to code — Watson was a lit major — and waste your time reading Foucault on the panopticon, I guess.

But as Mae Holland in the world of the above trailer for the adaptation of Dave Eggers' dystopian 2013 technophobe novel from director James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now), Watson is a Bay Area millennial with no such concerns about joining Tom Hanks' cool tech company. No worries at all, that is, until her old friend, a Luddite without a social media presence played by Ellar Coltrane, who starred with a brilliant naturalistic performance in Boyhood, starts to ask whether her work is, in fact, DESTROYING THE WORLD.

The Circle opens on April 28 and also stars Patton Oswalt, Bill Paxton, and John Boyega in his first major return to the screen since Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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