This year's season of rains — which already boasts some of the heaviest precipitation in over a century — won't be abating for a while, forecasters say. Just look at this week, which is expected to feature showers through Friday.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Mejia tells the Chron that “It does look pretty wet in the coming days...There will be breaks, but we could see rain every day this week.”

San Francisco is predicted to get 2.5 more inches of the stuff, the North Bay can expect as much as five, and seven inches is predicted for higher elevations.

This is in addition to the rainfall the area saw in January: With 9.42 inches of rain in SF alone, we hit 284 percent of what's normally expected this time of year, for some of the highest numbers in 168 years.

In an average year, which for the NWS runs from October through September, SF gets about 23.65 inches of rain total. As of January 25, we'd already hit 18.28 inches.

According to the NWS's Bob Benjamin, who spoke to the Chron, the rain that started yesterday will keep on falling through Tuesday, with a possible respite Wednesday before the heaviest storms of the week, predicted for Thursday and Friday. This weekend, Benjamin predicted, would be dry.

This week's round of storms isn't expected to be as damaging as those in January, which flooded Guerneville. It's just going to be wet, windy, and generally shitty.

“It’s going to be rainy, and there will be some nasty commutes, but there probably won’t be enough rain to cause road closures,” Benjamin says. “I don’t see any major elements that will cause urban folks too much concern, other than the inconvenience of rainy weather.”

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