Don't put away your raincoats or umbrellas, because after a spell of calm Saturday, yet another storm is headed into the Bay Area Saturday night that's predicted to be more intense than what we've seen in the past couple of days.

As the Chronicle reports, SF and other urban areas are expected to see between one and two inches of rainfall, while to the north and south and along coastal mountains there could be from two to five inches. Plus, wind gusts are expected to top out at 70 miles per hour, meaning we will be seeing more downed trees, and driving tonight is not advised.

As NBC Bay Area adds
, flood warnings are in effect for Santa Clara and Solano counties.

Weather Underground has the rain lasting through Sunday and Monday, with the first showers expected around 5 or 6 p.m. Saturday.

Update: CBS 5 is reporting on their 6pm broadcast that there's been a warning issued for the entire Bay Area coast that 40-foot breakers and sneaker waves are predicted as part of this storm all day Sunday.

Meanwhile, up in the Sierra, lower elevations could see as much as 4 feet of new snow on top of the many feet they already have, with higher elevations getting as much as 7 feet into Sunday.

But then, starting Tuesday, we get a reprieve of at least a week, with a mix of sun and clouds and then a sunny weekend predicted next week with highs possibly in the 60s.