In advance of the Women's March in San Francisco on Saturday, which is expected to be the largest of the weekend's anti-Trump demonstrations, about 2,000 people rallied at Civic Center Friday evening and marched up Market Street into the Castro. The march, organized by the local chapter of the ANSWER coalition, was peaceful, and was made only slightly uncomfortable for participants because of rain, as ABC 7 reports.

As one protester told the station, "Whether it's women's rights, gay rights, climate change, labor rights, almost every issue you can think of — for some reason [President Trump has] appointed cabinet ministers who are in opposition to those issues."

The crowd stretched about two city blocks long, and the SFPD flanked the front and rear of the march with multiple vehicles, keeping marchers to the uptown-bound or westbound lanes of Market.

Marchers circled back through the Mission and reportedly returned to Civic Center. The Chronicle spoke to several of the participants, one of whom said that marches like this are meant to "put [Trump] on notice."

It is unclear how many will be participating in the Saturday afternooon Women's March in SF, but it's expected to draw tens of thousands, and it will, awkwardly, be sharing the day with the annual anti-abortion March for Life, which often draws 50,000 of its own participants, many of whom were probably Trump voters because of this single issue. So that'll be fun.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands have already been marching in the Women's March in Oakland, as CBS 5 reports, as that march kicked off at 10 a.m. today.

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