Comedian Rob Schneider — for whom the Bay Area bears partial responsibility as he's a Pacifica native — had maybe better stick to the bad movies (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick) or even the harmless tweets about buying his beloved San Francisco 49ers. In fact, he he can even go ahead and buy the team for all that most folks care/think of current owner Jed York.

Fine. Good! Just maybe don't insult civil rights leaders like US Representative John Lewis on Martin Luther King Day by offering him a patronizing explanation of the Reverend Doctor and his legacy.

Below, the offending tweet, whose contents aren't completely disrespectful — see Donald Trump's attack on Lewis for that — but whose patronizing tone has the Twitterverse vaguely pissed and/or trying to remember who Rob Schneider is.

A quick refresher: John Lewis marched in 1965 from Selma to Montgomery with King, and can be seen below with King in an image from the March on Washington.

Anyway, here's Rob Schneider's contribution to racial justice in America:

Schneider, of course, will always have his negligible place in San Francisco history. In 1994, he bought the DNA Lounge along with his brother and another owner they later bought out. The two had a popular Friday night disco cover band, and then left the club in the state of utter disrepair in which current owner Jamie Zawinski found it.

Still, good luck with the 49ers, Rob — I think we'll have an easier time agreeing on your assessment of Jed York, even if you plan to run the team like you did DNA Lounge.

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