We're enjoying some sunny and cool January weather right now, which will continue through Tuesday. However you'll be pulling out the rain slickers and umbrellas again Wednesday morning as a fresh storm passes through, adding to San Francisco's already impressive January rainfall total of 5.6 inches as we just cross the mid-month mark. That storm will wrap up here by early Thursday, and another is set to follow as the Chronicle reports, bringing a bit more rain on Friday. Lower elevations are expected to see a couple inches of rain, with coastal mountains getting as much as eight inches, potentially.

The first bit of rain arrives right in the middle of the Wednesday morning commute, and is expected to get heavier throughout the day.

In better news, Saturday is expected to be sunny and clear all day, with a high of 53 degrees. And for skiers, Tahoe will be getting snow from Wednesday right through the weekend, with five to eight inches predicted at lower elevations on both Wednesday and Friday, and greater accumulation up at higher elevations.

While National Weather Service forecaster Bob Benjamin tells the paper these storms "aren’t going to be as ominous" or as "extensive" in terms of rainfall, they will come with some wind, and there could be some impacts in places where the ground is already waterlogged from last week's rain.

Weather Underground is also predicting a third bout of rain, totaling about one inch in SF, arriving Sunday into Monday.