Ooh la la! French startup founders Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal, a duo who broke the record for speed on a sailboat they designed back in 2009, were speeding through San Francisco and Silicon Valley recently to pitch their company SeaBubbles according to Bloomberg Technology.

“Every city is getting more and more crowded, with traffic jams on land, whereas waterways are abandoned,” Bringdal told Bloomberg TV. “In San Francisco we can save people an hour a day going from downtown to the Silicon Valley and back.” Another way to save time commuting to Silicon Valley is to live there, but this idea is a novel one.

According to a timeline on SeaBubbles' website, the team, whose Jaques Cousteau style head shots are a must-see, declares that they will begin production next month with their first production boats out in June. The boats, Bloomberg explains, would supposedly hover above the water and would be battery-powered and travel quickly by limiting drag on the water. True to their name, they are very bubble or pod shaped, and could ideally transport up to six people at a time.

SeaBubbles has raised $3.6 million so far thanks to French insurer Maif and venture-capital fund Partech Ventures, but Thebault told Bloomberg he wants 10 times that sum during the company's next funding round. Something about this concept would probably appeal to billionaire cheating yachtsman Larry Ellison... Maybe get him on board?

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