Whipping up healthy, gourmet meals in your own kitchen just got a whole lot easier.

Ah, your kitchen: home of overcooked chicken, ruined pans, and an overactive smoke detector. This New Year, change all of that with our favorite kitchen gadgets, designed to make the lives of the culinarily challenged a little easier. From low maintenance pans to handy salad containers, you’ll find making (and eating) healthy foods way more accessible than before.

Check out a few of our favorites below:

1. OILILIO Fill & Pour Prep Tool


Ever wanted to spice up your olive oil? Now you can with the OILILIO tool — just fill with olive oil and add in your favorite herbs and spices. Use the included silicone brush to neatly sauce your favorite proteins before grilling, or pour straight from the bottle over salads.

Buy now: Get the OILILIO Fill & Pour Prep Tool for $12.99 — that’s 47% off the original price of $24.95.

2. Salad-to-Go Bowl


Hate soggy salads? You’re not the only one: that’s why there’s the Salad-to-Go Bowl, which keeps all your ingredients neatly separated until it’s time to mix them up. Easily washed and totally durable, it’s how eating salad on-the-go should be.

Buy now:
Get the Salad-to-Go Bowl for $13.99, or half off the regular $28.99.

3. The Original Copper Pan


Getting a gorgeous sear on that piece of salmon has never been easier than with the Original Copper Pan. Made out of nonstick ceramic and copper, you don’t even need oil or butter to have your proteins and veggies effortlessly slide off its surface. Plus, it’s dishwasher-friendly, meaning clean-up is always a breeze.

Buy now: Get the Original Copper Pan for $19.99 — nearly half off the original $39.

4. Skull & Owl Egg/Cookie Molds: Set of 2


Make your standard two-egg breakfast or chocolate chip cookie a little more interesting with these fun Skull & Owl Egg/Cookie Molds. Just set them into any pan and crack in two eggs for an adorable breakfast, or use them as cookie cutters when the fancy strikes you (because who doesn’t like cookies?).

Buy now:
Get two of these Skull & Owl Egg/Cookie Molds for $11.98 — 40% off the usual $19.99.

5. Avocado Joy Slicer


Avocados might just be the world’s perfect food — but they’re a total pain to prepare. The Avocado Joy Slicer easily scoops out the pit in just one go, then neatly slices the avocado using a zigzag knife. Whipping up fresh guacamole and perfect avocado slices has never been easier.

Buy now: Get the Avocado Joy Slicer for $11.99, or 39% off the retail price of $19.95.

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