Ignorant trolls who neither keep up with the news nor have enough to occupy them in life continue to send harassing messages to Denise Huskins, the woman at the center of the so-called Gone Girl kidnapping case in Vallejo that happened nearly two years ago, and calling her a liar. Huskins revealed in a Facebook post New Year's Day one such message from a man named Jeffrey McFadden, a complete stranger who, all this time later, is calling her an "ignorant slut," telling her she's "not as pretty as u think" and threatening violence against her, because he assumes her story remains a falsehood.

"I don't post this for pity," she writes. "I post this to increase awareness," and she goes on to describe how this message sent her into a physical PTSD response, and "I am thoroughly exhausted, every inch of my body is tired from the fit of terror it was battling." "All I did was survive, and I was criminalized for it."

The case from March 2015 was bizarre enough to make national headlines, and Vallejo's own police department was quick to dismiss it as a hoax. Huskins was kidnapped, her boyfriend Aaron Quinn sedated and tied up in their home, and she was then returned to her parents in southern California when the kidnapper had a change of heart, after demanding a strangely small ransom and writing a manifesto to the San Francisco Chronicle. But in fact there was one very mentally ill man, Matthew Muller, who has pleaded guilty in the case, and we've known since July of 2015 that the kidnapping was very much real, and that this same man was suspected of committing similar, sexually charged, home-invasion crimes against other Bay Area women.

As ABC 7 reports
, Muller was scheduled to be sentenced this month, but his sentencing has been postponed to March, exactly two years after the kidnapping. Huskins and Quinn are expected to deliver victims' impact statements in court.

Muller previously pleaded no contest in a botched home invasion robbery in Dublin in which he was confronted by a husband while his wife called 911 from another room, and was soon arrested after dropping his cellphone in the house.

After her Sunday post, Huskins posted again to Facebook on Monday thanking people for the outpouring of support. "There is a much greater cause that goes way beyond [this one man's attack], and way beyond us as victims. ... But what I can say wholeheartedly and confidently is that because of you all and your support, we are constantly empowered and reenergized, and we will not give up under any circumstance. We must meet hate with love. We must meet ignorance with empathy. So thank you, all of you, for allowing us to do that. We love you all. 2017 will be a year of great changes, I feel it."

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