Possibly part of an escalating gang war being cited for shootings that occurred on Christmas Day, some creepy footage has emerged of a masked individual in a red sweatshirt taking shots at a black sedan in the middle of a Bayview street on December 5, without regard for multiple bystanders, including children, just feet away. CBS 5 brings us the footage, which was recorded at around 2:30 p.m. at the corner of Lane Street and Palou Avenue.

Subsequently, police were unable to find any witnesses to the shooting, even though clearly there were multiple — and one woman can be seen getting out of her minivan with two small children just feet away from where the shots were fired.

A search of the area came up with shell casings and some property damage, but thankfully it appears no one was hurt.

The gunman can be seen approaching down Lane Street wearing what looks like a partial skeleton mask over his nose and mouth. He whips around the corner and begins shooting at an approaching vehicle from the middle of Palou Avenue, and then continues shooting at the car after it passes.

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