San Francisco is a notoriously kinky town. What with Folsom Street Fair, the Up Your Alley Fair, numerous sex clubs, and the headquarters, we're a regular paradise for the uninhibited and frisky. Which is why we were surprised to learn that not that many women in San Francisco, percentage-wise, watch porn — at least in comparison to other major cities.

The data comes to us via xHamster (warning: that is a very NSFW link), which "ranked ten US cities to find out who had the greatest percentage of female porn viewers." San Francisco is at the bottom of the list.

"Some of this may have to do with the fact that we also have the highest percentage of gay men in the nation, or that tech has sort of bro-ed out the city," speculates Mike Stabile, spokesperson for porn industry trade group the Free Speech Coalition. "But looking at international data, it also seems that porn viewership for women actually goes up in more conservative or repressive countries."

Maybe the women of SF just get their fetish on in innumerable other ways.

If San Francisco comes in last, who comes in first? Well that honor would go to Atlanta, followed by Miami and then Chicago (the entire list is embedded below) — even Salt Lake City ranks above SF on the list.

Who would have thought that in 2016 more women in the Mormon capital would watch pornography than do right here at home? Maybe San Francisco locals just make better use of their imaginations — or they're busy having more actual sex.


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Image via xHamster.