A man accused of "a drug-fueled rampage" inside a North Bay school earlier this week didn't do much to defend himself in court this week, instead announcing that he was the Prince of Darkness.

CBS 5 reports that firefighters were called to Santa Rosa's Cardinal Newman High School at 7 p.m. Monday, on reports of a fire alarm that was sounding off. When they arrived, they witnessed 23-year-old Guerneville resident Andrew Faulkner "throwing things and breaking windows" inside the school.

Sheriff's deputies called to the scene detained Faulkner without incident, even as they marveled at the scope of the damage he allegedly caused — "Numerous interior windows were broken, office supplies and files scattered on the floor, plants knocked over, trash cans upended and a religious statue was wrapped in a garden hose," according to CBS 5. Here's a look at the scene:

Santa Rosa fire Battalion Chief Mark Basque says he believes Faulkner had been in the school "for a while," and with damages estimated at $100,000, it appears that his alleged time inside the school was spent in a destructive fashion.

Faulkner appeared in court Wednesday to face charges of burglary; vandalism causing more than $400 in damage; vandalism to a church, mosque, temple or other religious or educational institution; and being under the influence of methamphetamine. Observing the accused man, Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Arthur Wick suspended criminal proceedings and ordered Faulkner to undergo a mental competency exam.

In response, Faulkner announced “By the way, I am Satan," CBS 5 reports.

“Thank you, sir,” Wick responded, according to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

This wasn't the first time Faulkner had made this admission, according to the P-D. Speaking to his attorney before the judge entered the courtroom, Faulkner reportedly told her “Big parenthesis. I’m Satan. Big capital letters. I want everyone to know.”

Faulkner remains in Sonoma County Jail, where he's being held without bail. Assuming he doesn't return to the underworld before then, a court hearing on his competency report is scheduled for Friday morning.