Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Kansas City last week, the day of a football game between the Raiders and the Chiefs, managed a rare and thirsty feat of cleaning the entire plane out of booze. Travel Pulse broke the story via a tweet from a sports writer on the plane, Jimmy Durkin, who reported that the pilot got on the PA to "congratulate" everyone for wiping them out of alcohol, and "Yep, it's a Raiders flight."

Durkin later told Fox News that the crowd on the plane was "Not particularly rowdy... and yeah, a decent amount of folks in Raiders gear. Pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing.”

On such a short flight, just three hours and 20 minutes with probably 40 minutes of taxiing, takeoff, and landing, that means that those Raiders fans gulped down an impressive number of beers, mini wines, and mini bottles of hooch in just two hours and twenty minutes.

But to anyone who's been to a Raiders game ever that probably isn't surprising.

Sadly for all those die-hards who flew to Kansas City to see them play, the Raiders lost the game 21-13, ending a six-game winning streak. That leaves them tied at 10 games with the Chiefs, both vying for a wild card spot in the playoffs.