If you enjoy the chess game of Supervisorial politics in City Hall, you're maybe waiting with bated breath to find out who will get picked to replace Scott Wiener in District 8, and you're eagerly seeking clues as to who will be elected Board president in January once all the newly elected and appointed Supes take their seats. The Examiner dives into the mild drama surrounding the latter, suggesting "Past board president votes have had no shortage of backroom drama and have resulted in multiple nominations and votes during the meeting before someone picks up the required six votes. But there may be little intrigue this time around."

London Breed, having served only one two-year term as president of the Board, seems to be a shoe-in to be re-elected, but things could maybe shift at the last minutes depending on two factors: whether the mayor's appointee to Scott Wiener's seat would somehow decide to go rogue as his or her first order of business (not likely), or whether moderate incoming District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai would choose to align himself with Jane Kim for some reason and give her the seat, since she will already have five votes from the progressive bloc. (Safai tells the paper he still hasn't committed to voting for anyone on January 8, but he may just be being coy.)

Kim, for her part, tells the Ex she has no interest in being Board Prez, and that may in fact be the sincere truth — or she knows it's a battle that can't be won.

But outgoing D11 Supe John Avalos went on a Game of Thrones-inspired rant, allowing fans of the show and local politics watchers to draw their own conclusions from his coded simile. We'll just translate for you in brackets.

"I expect the Lannisters [the moderates and the mayor] have a good shot at holding on to the Iron Throne. About a million dollars of tech, real estate and POA [Police Officers Association] money went into giving Cousin Lancel [Ahsha Safai] a seat on the small council. I’m sure they’ll be calling in the chits."

The Lannisters, on the show, are the villainous clan, and Cousin Lancel is portrayed as a pawn, and obviously Avalos is pissed that his district, which has been a progressive stronghold for 16 years, is swinging to the moderate side thanks to $1 million in third-party spending to get Safai elected.

In short, January 8 should hold little drama beyond the name of Wiener's replacement, which will positively not be a pleasant surprise for progressives, though as 2016 taught us, anything can happen.

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