This next-level camera produces stunning shots you can later change focus and perspective within—and it’s now an unprecedented 76% off.

It’s happened to all of us: you have a great day filled with even better photo ops. The weather was perfect (and your hair even more so). And you’re tasked with the responsibility of documenting the day’s festivities for everyone in your party.

But when you check the pictures later, you find that not one of them came out right. The lighting is off, your backgrounds are blurry, and slapping a filter on them does nothing to improve them. And none are worth sharing with anyone.

Cue the despair...because we know that if there aren’t pics, it didn’t happen.

If you want to avoid this situation—and the wrath of your friends and family—we have a little tip for you: invest in the Lytro Illum Camera.

The secret is the lens—the Illum captures not only the position of light rays, but also their direction. So instead of the traditional, stagnant 2D photo, you get a dynamic image that looks as alive as you felt the moment you took it. It sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s real, compelling technology—one that’s easily within your grasp.

Plus, it’s easy to use: if you’ve handled a digital camera, you’ll have no problem with the features on the Illum. Newbies can turn out shots that stand above and beyond what they dreamed, and experienced pros will delight in the range of options the Illum affords their art.

So the next time you’re appointed the group photographer, never fear: the Lytro Illum Camera has your back. It’s now available for $299.99, or a whopping 76% off the original price of $1,300. This deal won’t last long, so we suggest you snap it up soon!

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