Remember the "touch disease" phenomenon among iPhone 6 Pluses that came to light, ever so coincidentally, right around the time of the iPhone 7 launch? That was back in late August, and at the time Apple was not commenting and was not offering any sort of repair for the problem, seemingly trying to pretend it didn't exist — and it was, in fact, third-party cell phone repair people who discovered the prevalence of the problem and came up with their own theory about its cause. Essentially, the iPhone 6 models lacked a metal shield protecting their logic boards which earlier models had, and in the case of the larger Plus model, connections on the board seemed to be affected over time, perhaps by impacts or bending, causing the touchscreen to stop responding to touches.

As MacRumors now reports, Apple now explains it thusly: "Some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit Multi-Touch issues after 'being dropped multiple times on a hard surface,' causing damage to the device." So, they are offering repairs for the issue at a price of $149.

Further, if you already paid to have the problem fixed and paid more than that, Apple says they'll reimburse you. So that's nice.

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