The Potrero View, a charming and cool and good neighborhood newspaper, is not the Chicago Tribune. But much like that larger news outlet, which famously printed the headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" on the cover of its November 3, 1948 issue, copies of the latest Potrero View bear a similar mistake front and center.

Having gone to press too soon — it's a monthly, so perhaps with too much confidence in Clinton's win — the View published its premature, almost hopeful declaration of a Clinton presidential victory that was not, actually, to be. And now it's a wistful relic.

Obviously the View wasn't alone in its incorrect prognostication — at various times, and really till the end, mainstream (biased liberal lol) media outlets wildly underestimated the number of voters President-Elect Donald Trump had amassed with his blustering rhetoric. Especially in San Francisco, the result was one few saw coming, although perhaps the one tenth of SF voters who cast their ballots for Trump had more of an inkling, and now they have some of us looking around at San Franciscans we see with a bit more suspicion.

The View's front page is a symbol of all that, I suppose. SFist has reached out to the paper for comment: We'll update this if and when they respond. The Chronicle noticed the copy before the election results were in, and Publisher Steven Moss explained to them, “We think that’s the likely outcome — the very likely outcome — and the opposite outcome is unthinkable. So it seemed like the right way to go.”

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