San Francisco and the Bay Area have always been the beacon for progressive movements, whether ideological in nature or in emerging tech industries. The Bay Area, due to it’s huge economic size and reliance on the marijuana industry, is now poised to become a leader in the cannabis world, as weed becomes a mainstream industry powerhouse.

One of the most exciting products to emerge earlier this year was the marijuana tech company, which offers a free anonymous marijuana networking solution that targets all participants in the marijuana community. Even though larger entities, cannabis store fronts and dispensaries are just as welcome, this unique focus on individuals and smaller mom and pop type operations is what has driven the exponential growth of from coast to coast, even largely influencing the Washington DC cannabis culture. benefits from a real-time map and an integrated messaging system, while implementing a strong user review system. It can meet any marijuana product or cannabis employment need. Whether it be a medical marijuana patient in a rural area who needs their Gorilla Glue Strain, a trimmer looking to meet cannabis growers for the harvest season, or that very grower requires more direct and legitimate clients, is the answer. Visit on your browser or download the iOS app today.

This free anonymous service takes only seconds to sign up, and most of the tens of thousands of users report meeting their marijuana needs in just mere minutes.

Come take a look for yourself and see who’s around you. There’s no signup required to view the map, and you won’t be disappointed in the latest piece of cutting edge technology made specifically for the California marijuana market. Signing up is free, so try it today!

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