As was well predicted by polls, Prop 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana has passed in California, with KTLA reporting that the initiative will pass.

The AP is saying that only 20 percent of California precincts are reporting as of this post, but 56 percent of the state's votes are going Yes on 64, meaning that at midnight, no matter what happens with this nightmare presidential election, you will get to go outside and smoke pot without fear of legal repercussions — even though in San Francisco that's basically been true for a long time.

Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, gave a statement saying, "We are very excited that citizens of California voted to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition. Proposition 64 will allow California to take its rightful place as the center of cannabis innovation, research and development."

Also, the New York Times is reporting that Massachusetts is following suit with legalizing recreational pot, and Arizona and Maine voted on the issue as well.

An estimated $1 billion in tax revenue could come in per year to California from this new legal marijuana industry, as ABC 7 notes.

Obviously, High Times is happy.

And because, as we've said, legal recreational marijuana sales won't actually start until 2018, if then, so weed dealers won't be out of work just yet.

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Spark up, everyone. You may need it.

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