Six people complained of minor injuries Thursday afternoon, after the driver of an SUV struck a Muni bus traveling through the Mission District.

According to San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Jonathan Baxter, the collision was reported at around 4:30 p.m. Thursday, at the intersection of 16th and Folsom Streets.

The bus, identified by the Chron as a 22 Fillmore, was "rear ended" by a driver, reports multiple news organizations, but Mission Local characterizes it slightly differently. According to their report on the collision, "The driver of an SUV said he 'lightly tapped' the bus as he was making a right turn at the intersection and the bus driver stopped."

Though Baxter confirms that six people said they were injured, he said all the complains were "very minor" and no one was hospitalized following the crash/tap. One person was treated and release at the scene, per the Chron. Mission Local reports that "the driver of the bus said that five said they had been hurt but then told him they 'didn’t feel anything.'"

According to Mission Local, neither the SUV nor the bus were damaged in the collision. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Paul Rose confirms the latter assertion, saying the the bus "did not sustain disabling damage."