A rare ray of sunshine breaks through the election haze today with the news that San Francisco could soon have its very own puppy cafe. Yes, you read that correctly: A puppy cafe. 7x7 reports that the nonprofit Canine Cafe would allow patrons to cuddle up with adorable fuzzballs while sipping "delicious coffee and other beverages." Much like with Oakland's Cat Town Cafe and Hayes Valley's KitTea, the dogs would all be adoptable — meaning you could walk out the door with more than just a caffeine buzz.

Albuquerque, New York City, San Diego, and San Francisco are all being targeted for locations by New Mexico-based NextGen Shelter Project — although neither the group's website nor the project's IndieGoGo page say whether or not a specific (and appropriately zoned) location has been identified.

"Each Canine Cafe location is a small scale 'starter shelter/dog adoption center' or 'supplemental shelter/dog adoption center' model, projected to find homes for over 1,500 dogs each year," the Canine Cafe website reads. "It combines a dog café and training center and also retail to develop a financially sustainable small scale animal shelter."

The non-profit is seeking to raise $500,000, proving once and for all that you can in fact put a price on our dreams. And as they are currently very short of their goal (having raised only $350 at the time of this writing), we may have a long time to wait for those expensive dreams to come true. Until then, this Canine Cafe video will have to tide you over.

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