iPhone users, your visual vocabulary is about to increase by 72 emoji. 9to5mac and Emojipedia write that Apple has released to registered developers the first iOS 10.2 beta for iPhone and iPad.

Perhaps you'll greet this news with excitement, or maybe with just a shrug. Fine! Just know that you can soon use a shrug emoji to express yourself as that's one of the 72 new symbols available on the iOS update. Also on the list: A face-palm emoji that I foresee myself using habitually, and even a gorilla emoji being widely interpreted as a reference to Harambe. Emoji-fication typically signals the end of a meme's life cycle, but we'll have to see on this one.

Engadget remarks that the new emoji will also be getting up to speed in terms of gender parity, adding male and female employee emoji like male bunny ear dancers and female police officers. There are more skin tone options than ever, and food emoji is starting to look, well, a lot more appetizing. Just get a load of that burrito!


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via emojipedia