Two female Berkeley students reported that they were sexually assaulted over the weekend according to separate UCPD crime alerts released on Monday morning and reported on by the Daily Californian.

One alert indicated that on Saturday morning a woman came forward to report unwanted sexual conduct that occurred the preceding night at a fraternity. She reported the assault to the Berkeley Police Department.

The other alert stated that a second woman had reported sexual assault by an acquaintance. That second reported assault was also at a fraternity and also during a social gathering.

CBS5 followed up to learn that the assaults were at different fraternity houses off campus. Each is being actively investigated and anyone with useful information is encouraged to contact the City of Berkeley Police Department at (510) 981-5900.

UC Berkeley Clery Act crime statistics reveal that in 2015, 22 rapes were reported on-campus or in student housing. Four rapes were reported off-campus in the same year. On an institutional level, Berkeley has been criticized for numerous instances of sexual violence and harassment as well as seemingly lax treatment of perpetrators.

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