Ring in Halloween week starting this Sunday with waffles, chocolate pudding, blinky Christmas lights, creepy 80's synth music, and Stranger Things-themed drink specials at a special pop-up event at Third Rail in Dogpatch.

Those just catching up on the cult-hit Netflix series, and/or those fans who missed the October 7th Elbo Room appearance by soundtrack maestros SURVIVE, will probably be excited by this little afternoon-into-evening theme party, especially if you're putting the finishing touches on your Barb costume this weekend.

And, because it's the internet, we now have a video tutorial of how to make a horrifying, open-mouthed Demagorgon costume. Or you could just go as Eleven with the help of a $25 dress.

Third Rail - 628 20th Street near Third - October 23, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.