Wanna buy a lightly-used (maybe that's the problem) microblogging platform? Salesforce doesn't, as CEO Marc Benioff informs the Financial Times that his cloud computing company has walked away from a potential bid on the San Francisco-based Twitter, whose sale was reportedly imminent except that now it isn't.

"In this case we’ve walked away. It wasn’t the right fit for us,” Benioff said in an interview with the FT. “It’s not the right fit for us for many different reasons," he said, adding that price was one of several factors. “You’re going to look at price, you’re going to look at culture, you’re going to look at everything.” Salesforce, which Microsoft outbid to purchase Linkedin this summer, may have been motivated to explore a Twitter purchase to have a high-profile acquisition of its own, but the company appears to have resisted that temptation.

Rumor of a Twitter sale was first floated in September when a little birdie told the media that the board was considering the idea. Later last month Google and Salesforce appeared as possible suitors, and then Microsoft and Disney came forward as possible buyers too. One by one they seem to have disappeared. Suitors, you know?!

Passed over as it now appears to be, Twitter might seem to some less desirable than ever. Not so, a VC investor who spoke anonymously to the FT says. "Now we all know that [Dorsey] tried selling the company and nobody can be accusing him of not exploring that option. The failure of the sale process is a blessing in disguise." We shall see about that, shan't we.

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