The term "sideshow" is rarely so literal as it was Saturday when a group of dirt bikers shut down the Golden Gate Bridge with wheelies and other stunts in one such demonstration. The main show was in the sky above them as the Blue Angels performed their own tricks and stunts for Fleet Week. Dozens of riders, caught on a video picked up by CBS 5, can be seen doing stunts and riding in circles in the southbound lane with traffic at a standstill behind them.

"The Golden Gate Bridge is not a playground," Golden Gate Bridge District spokesperson Priya David Clemens told the channel. "We are working really closely with the CHP to investigate who was involved with this and to bring them to justice — because this was completely selfish behavior."

The above video actually shows the riders in the later part of their action — they reportedly did the same heading northbound first before turning around and shutting down southbound lanes.

"[The Golden Gate Bridge is] a vital part of the Bay Area infrastructure, and these motorcyclists put dozens of drivers who are in the immediate vicinity in danger,” Clemens continued.

Let's just say this isn't the first rodeo for sideshow "performers." Dirt-bike riding individuals have done tricks on the bridge with regularity. Late last year a rider was spotted doing wheelies on the bridge, and interestingly, a Marin County Sheriff's Deputy was allegedly the individual in question. Also, car sideshows have shut down both the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge before — the latter on multiple occasions.

This may not have even been the only Bay Area sideshow to go down over the weekend. Officials told CBS 5 that other motorcyclists were spotted on the Bay Bridge. What's more, video posted yesterday to Instagram (embedded below) shows what appears to be another incident in front of the Oakland Coliseum on 880.

It's not clear if any arrests were made in the Golden Gate Bridge incident, although one person was reportedly cited for his or her involvement in the Bay Bridge sideshow.

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