A brazen mid-day mugging in a popular tourist area left a man injured Wednesday, after his robbers dragged him by car when he refused to give up the goods.

It was 3:17 p.m. Wednesday when two male suspects in their 20s approached the 29-year-old victim as he took photos at the 900 block of Point Lobos, which is the stretch of road that runs between Louie's and the Cliff House, near Ocean Beach, the San Francisco Police Department reports.

The duo grabbed his camera and fled into a waiting sedan occupied by three additional suspects. The victim gave chase, police say, reluctant to let his camera go — and "when [the] suspects drove away [the victim] got dragged," according to SFPD's report on the incident.

The victim was somehow able to extricate himself from the get-away car and the suspects sped off in an unknown direction, his camera and camera equipment in the criminals' possession. His injuries, police say, from the dragging were not life threatening, and he declined transport to the hospital.

The suspects remain at large, police say, and no arrests have been made. This is the second such crime for this area in recent days: On Tuesday, a mugging duo even fired shots as they robbed a couple just up the street from Wednesday's incident. In that case, as well, the muggers remain on the loose.

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