Silencing all the skeptics, the Giants last night beat the New York Mets in a dramatic, mostly scoreless game with season-ending stakes. And boy, did they do it with style. Ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner shut out the opposing team, pitching all nine innings, and Conor Gillaspie completely took the air out of Citi Field with a 9th inning three-run homer, as KRON 4 and the Chronicle recap.

Before that point, the game had been a scoreless nail-biter — with fans at local bars around the city on the edge of their seats. "A pitcher's duel, we knew it was going to happen," one such fan, Kim McKeon, told ABC 7. "I can't believe that we're watching this. I just want a hit so we can have some fun."

And fun was definitely had.

Local legend E-40 was even on hand in New York to celebrate.

But the real star of the show was Gillaspie, and his teammates thanked him appropriately — with a beer shower.

The Giants now advance to the National League Division Series against the Chicago Cubs, a team with the best regular season record. If there was ever any doubt, last night proved that no one should count the Giants out (just don't ask Bumgarner any hard questions).

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