San Francisco is a great coffee town. In addition to our many wonderful coffee shops, we're awash in high-end roasters that set national and international trends. Blue Bottle, Sightglass, Four Barrel, and Wrecking Ball are just a handful of the players making our city a haven for all those who take it black (or otherwise). And so it is with a raised eyebrow that we notice the Chronicle picked up a study released yesterday which claims we're not even in the top five cities for "coffee lovers." No, according to financial services company Wallet Hub, San Francisco comes in sixth — right behind Orlando and Pittsburgh.

Wallet Hub took numerous factors into consideration when compiling their list — think number of independently owned shops, preponderance of ethically sourced beans, various roaster awards, and — JUST KIDDING — they didn't look at any of that stuff. Here are the actual factors study authors looked at (emphasis and parenthetical notes added):

  • Average Price per Pack of Coffee (and who doesn't purchase their coffee by the "pack"?)
  • Average Price of a Cappuccino
  • Average Price of a Starbucks Butter Croissant (yup, this metric totally makes sense)
  • Percentage of Households that Own Coffee Makers (how do you even measure this)
  • Number of Affordable Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses and Cafés Rated 4.5+ Stars per Capita
  • Number of Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses and Cafés per Capita
  • Number of Coffee and Tea Manufacturers per Capita
  • Number of “Free Wi-Fi” Coffee Shops per Capita
  • Number of Donut Shops per Capita
  • Google Search Traffic for the Word “Coffee” (because not knowing what coffee is, or where to find it, is surely a metric positively correlated to coffee lovers)
  • Number of “Coffee Lovers” Meetups per Capita
  • Presence of Coffee-Centric Events

Wallet Hub released the study to coincide with National Coffee Day, which is some made-up thing reportedly happening today. What they apparently didn't realize is that in San Francisco, a city for real coffee lovers, every day is coffee day.

The top ten cities, in descending order, are Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Orlando, San Francisco, New Orleans, Madison, Cincinnati, and Scottsdale. Oh, and Oakland comes in at #11.

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