House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came out swinging yesterday for liberal and libertarian voters who, upset with the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are going to use their precious votes to vote for Gary Johnson or another third-party candidate. Scarily, though Clinton appears to be leading Trump by five percent in a recent poll in Florida, a not insignificant six percent of likely Florida voters are still talking about voting for Johnson — because apparently NONE OF THEM REMEMBER THE YEAR 2000.

As the Chronicle reports, Pelosi spoke out Tuesday, essentially begging people to stop talking about third-party candidates and messing up the polling, saying that a narrow victory in the general election "would deprive Hillary Clinton of a big mandate that I think she should have going into the White House and that would be helpful as to how we go forward."

Pelosi is also, of course, concerned for her party's slim chances of retaking control of the House in this election, and said, "Do you think most people who have said they’re going to be for the Libertarian because they like his hairstyle or whatever it is are going to stick with that?"

She also was trying to appeal to Sanders voters by pointing out the ignorant-of-Aleppo Johnson wants "to shut down public schools, eliminate clean air, clean water and every kind of protection in terms of regulation, dismantle Social Security, [and] dismantle Medicare."

And Pelosi says she hopes Sanders will get back out to campaign for Hillary but that she is "going to have to make her own case to [Sanders fans] as well because you can only transfer so much."

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