Since it's San Francisco Appreciation Week, how about a look inside the cable car carpentry and repair shop that you may not have known existed here in the city. As the SFMTA's blog explains, on the occasion of last weekend's Muni Heritage Weekend, this shop isn't part of Cable Car Barn you might already be familiar with at Mason and Washington. It's a separate workshop in Dogpatch where carpenters spend many, many months doing the intensive woodcraft that goes into refurbishing the historic interiors of one of the city's greatest tourist attractions.

The shop has original blue prints for the cable cars, and one of the antique, original 1907 cable cars was actually running all weekend on the California line.

Kate Sofis, executive director of SF Made, said she was delighted to find out the SFMTA still makes something locally in the city, and says in the video, that we should all recognize "the craft and the carpentry and the men and women who literally put their heart and their hands into keeping these cars up and running."

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