Looking to see a bunch of naked people that are, well, deceptively naked? Then the Saturday, September 24 Body Art Show & Parade is for you. Coming to the strip of the Embarcadero between the Ferry Building and Pier 1, the festival aims to show painted and modded bodies in all their glory.

"This is an art event exhibiting a wide variety of body decoration," reads the event page. "Our bodies are the art work. This is a 'bare as you dare' event, which means that participants (and spectators) can attend completely naked if they wish. However, since it is a body art event, participants (including nudists) are encouraged to decorate their bodies in some manner."

Just what, exactly, is body art? We touched on the topic in August of last year with a look at the (actually) painted ladies of San Francisco. Artist Trina Merry painted models to seamless blend into their surroundings, and the effect was pretty cool.



Broke Ass Stuart got wind of the forthcoming show/parade, and helpfully informs us that it is both free to observe and free to participate (nice!). And as the organizers point out, you should definitely, at least, show up. "It took more than two years of Federal Court litigation to force the City of San Francisco to issue the permit for this art event," they explain. "In order to keep our rights to freedom of artistic expression, we must make use of them on a regular, public basis. So, on this day, let’s show and educate the world through art that skin is a canvas and the human body can be a creative, expressive, work of art."

See you, and lots of confused and delighted tourists, there! The fun starts at 10:00 a.m.

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