A 25-year-old student at UC Berkeley was arrested Wednesday, following an investigation into a sexual assault that took place earlier this month.

The Daily Californian reports that Sardar Sikandar Wali Zia Khan, a male student who currently lives in on-campus housing, was arrested at 3:24 p.m. Wednesday in the case of a September 4 rape in a UC Berkeley residence hall.

According to KTVU, "Police were told the victim, a 19-year-old student, was allegedly assaulted by a male acquaintance who was a student and a resident of campus housing."

UC Police Department spokesperson Sargeant Sabrina Reich tells the Daily Cal that "Khan is currently facing two felony charges for rape and penetration with a foreign object," and remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail.

A call to UCPD for further details was not returned at publication time, but the Daily Cal reports that "UCPD is not releasing the name of the residence hall where the crime occurred out of respect for the privacy of the people involved in the case."