Check out this curated list of courses for you to take your idea to an IPO in no time.

It’s easy to say you have a brilliant startup idea, but much harder to execute upon it. Don’t eat your words; own them. We’re here to help with a curated list of five course bundles, organized by different areas of knowledge. Best of all, all courses listed are now over 90% off their retail price.

Build a startup from start to finish

Now just $29, The Build-A-Startup Course Bundle offers over 71 hours of instruction on the fundamentals of launching your own company. Get a crash course in everything from sales, project management, marketing, and coding, and don’t be surprised if your new venture launches more seamlessly than you’d anticipated.

Run a successful online business

Running an online business is incredibly different from running a brick-and-mortar. Lucky for you, this Digital Entrepreneur Bundle will teach you how to do it effectively—and for just $19. You’ll get over 283 lessons on starting your own digital marketing agency, making passive income from an Amazon Affiliate store, and much more.

Earn passive income with a side business

Many bona fide businesses start out as a side hustle, and there’s no better way to dive into this than the Start a Side Business bundle. With 10 courses on sourcing and branding products, mastering importing tactics, and marketing to consumers, you’ll be making a tidy profit from your passion project in no time. Best of all? You can pay what you want for the bundle.

Become a search marketing guru

If you’re not SEO optimizing your web marketing, you’re losing out on tons of potential customers—and revenue. Get started with this Complete Guide to SEO (now $25), learn everything from local and mobile SEO to Google Analytics, and make sure your content is getting in front of the right people.

Effectively market to customers on Facebook

Everyone’s on social media, including your potential customers. Learn how to market your business on the world’s biggest social network with this Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing course, just $29. You’ll learn how to increase web traffic, generate B2B leads, and much more—and in just 26 hours at that.

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