The interim plan for the big restaurant space at Bon Marché Brasserie, closed since last month, is to become an extension of sorts to The Market next door, according to owner Matt Semmelhack. He tells SFist today, "We’re working on filling the space with several smaller food vendors — The Market has been successful in activating that space with more affordable, quick lunch options, so we see that as a good opportunity." The first vendor, in fact, is scheduled to be in place as soon as Monday, September 19th.

This follows on a paper notice posted to Bon Marché's front door last week that indicated the restaurant was just temporarily closed the week of August 29th, and would reopen on September 6th "with some exciting changes." So far, no explanation of the closure or changes has been put on the restaurant's website or Facebook.

We heard in July that Semmelhack and partners were looking to sell the built-out business as a turnkey operation, or at least share it with another operator. Semmelhack now says "We’re also simultaneously considering operators that want to buy out the lease and take over the whole space."

The Chronicle's Michael Bauer cited the closure of Bon Marché in his Sunday review of the nearby fast-casual spot The Corridor, saying that a couple years back, with the immediate adjacency of thousands of new residents and the Twitter, Dolby, and Uber headquarters, "Mid-Market seemed like the pot of gold at the end of a restaurant rainbow." But that hasn't proved true for Bon Marché and the much smaller Cadence across the street and up a block, both of which had significant expenses to recoup from elaborate buildouts, and high price points as a result that failed to draw the immediate steady stream of high rollers and well heeled tech execs that they'd banked on.

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