Nearly two weeks after a woman was brutally attacked by a stranger during a walk in Pacific Heights, the San Francisco Police Department appears no closer to finding the man responsible. But though the SFPD has released video and a sketch of the suspect, one woman who believes she was menaced by the same attacker says that police have dismissed her attempts to help them identify the man.

In an email sent to SFist, SF resident Austin Allen, a campaign manager with a small business search company, says that on the morning of the now-infamous attack, a friend and she were stalked by a man she believes to be the suspect — but though they called the police, help never arrived.

Saying "I already called SFPD about this but they seemed so disinterested," Allen tells SFist that a man she believed to be the Lafayette Park attacker "tried to attack my friend and [me] around 2:30 a.m. the same day," in nearly the same location.

"We waited inside her apartment for almost an hour," Allen says, "as he stood on her driveway, while the police did not show up."

When Allen saw coverage of the attack, "I called SFPD's tip line right away and told them that is the same person that I was trying to get them to come check out."

"I wasn't asked for a physical description, but I told them anyway. I was told they'd give me a call if they needed any more info. That hasn't happened."

Was Allen's call, perhaps, the similar attack police mentioned to KRON 4 last week? That remains unclear Friday: Though I sent an email regarding Allen's account to SFPD's media relations department at 10:10 a.m. Thursday and followed up with a voice mail message, as of publication time, I have yet to receive a response.

Saying that the suspect has "blonde or light brown (mousey?) hair" and "picks women to attack at random," Allen says that her interaction with the man she believes to be the suspect began at 2:30 a.m. on August 20, when Allen and a friend were at Clay Street between Gough and Franklin when they saw "a man downhill from us."

He was standing on the north side of the street, probably at 1950 Clay, doing nothing, with his hood up, in the exact same clothes as in the video. We were walking to the south side of the street when we realized he was moving towards us. Luckily we were closer to my friend's apartment than he was to us, and the hill is pretty steep, so we ran to her apartment and locked the gate behind us as we could hear him say "hey girls...[inaudible]" in a raspy voice.

This apartment hangs over the driveway and gate, so while we were inside we couldn't see if he was still there, but we watched the sidewalk to see if he walked away from her gate. My friend called a local SFPD number and told someone what happened and they said they'd send someone. Half an hour later she called back and was told they were "tied up" but would still send someone. Every time we hear the sound of a car we get excited thinking SFPD is coming but it's not.

At this point I'm questioning if he had managed to get off her driveway before we reached the window, and maybe I was overreacting and he only wanted to ask us a question, or for money. But I hadn't been this freaked out by someone in SF in over 2 years, and I spend time in the Tenderloin. It seemed wrong that he had been waiting on her street for someone to show up.

Anyway, after about 50 minutes of waiting, this man emerges onto the sidewalk (confirming he had been waiting on my friend's driveway outside her gate the entire time) and walks down the street towards Gough. My friend calls [SFPD] a 3rd time to say hey, he just left my place, now he's about to head down Gough street.

After Allen says she was brushed off by SFPD's tip line, she says that "I'm left seething over the fact [SFPD] squandered almost an hour of this psycho standing outside an address, letting him go free and brutally beat another woman, and continue to wander the streets."

"I don't feel safe in my neighborhood anymore, Allen says.

"It seems like the best opportunity of getting the guy has passed."

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