Anyone who has ever been to a dog park is familiar with the scene: Off-leash dogs get a little too rambunctious, start biting, and need to be pulled apart by their owners. As long as the animals are uninjured, it usually ends there. Well, not yesterday. Video posted to YouTube and picked up by Hoodline shows the aftermath of such a confrontation in Duboce Park that quickly got out of hand when one dog owner kicked another dog, and a human brawl ensued.

Hoodline notes that reports on Nextdoor say this all went down around 6:00 p.m. after the owner of a basset hound tried to drag away a black lab that he thought started the doggy altercation. After the black lab's owner and several bystanders freed the lab, the man appears to curse, then seems to kick the side of the lab.

A bystander tackled the alleged dog-kicker, and someone can be heard on the video saying "I'm calling the cops right now."

Police did arrive on the scene, but not until after the alleged dog-kicker had left. SFPD confirmed to Hoodline that the man, should he be found and arrested, could be charged with animal cruelty.

Don't kick dogs, people! Sheesh.

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