A low-profile antiquities heist earlier this month in San Francisco netted thieves valuable Greek and Japanese artifacts that officials estimate to be worth at least $50,000. According to The Examiner, this is the second such crime to happen this month, and officials aren't sure if they're connected.

The most recent theft happened between August 8 and 11 at an antique shop on Hotaling Place in Jackson Square. While the store in question wasn't named, Foster Gwin Arts & Antiques is located on that street, and sells ancient Greek vases that appear similar in description to the stolen items.

San Francisco police spokesperson Officer Carlos Manfredi told the Ex that thieves managed to score five Japanese and Greek antiques, and that the burglary happened while the store was under construction (much like the great French Laundry wine heist that went down as the restaurant was preparing to construct a new kitchen). Some of the missing Greek items date back to 310 BC, and the Japanese work is from the 1800s.

“Something of this value will stand out to anybody who’s into collecting this type of work,” Manfredi told the paper.

Daniel Stein Antiques, located at 458 Jackson Street, was also burglarized earlier in the month. In the early hours of August 1 thieves boosted roughly $40,000 worth of sterling silver antiques.

Anyone who knows anything about either or the crimes, or antiquities dealers presented with what they believe to be stolen merchandise, can call the SFPD tip line at 415-575-4444.

And everyone should be on the look out for villainous men in fedoras.

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