Good news, Stranger Things fans. If you were as in love with the soundtrack as you were the show, the guys behind the music are putting out a two-volume album of tracks from the show, as well as their second studio album, and they're coming to San Francisco in just a few weeks.

The wildly popular Netflix series has garnered much attention for the composers of its spooky, synth-driven soundtrack, known as SURVIVE, an Austin-based duo who's actually been making spooky, 80's-inspired, synth-driven music for six years now. Series creators the Duffer Brothers were apparently already fans of the music of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who as Rolling Stone reports are part of a gaggle of synth-driven acts coming out of Austin, many of whom have gathered around a single vintage electronics store called Switched On.

Dixon told the mag that the Duffers decided to use one of SURVIVE's existing tracks, "Dirge," on a mock trailer they made as part of their pitch to Netflix, and when the series got the green light they hired SURVIVE to score it. "They were like, 'Oh, shit. That [track] works pretty well for the trailer. It kind of got the vibe across'" Dixon says.

Now as SFGate reports, SURVIVE will be playing the Elbo Room in San Francisco on October 7 — and according to the venue's website, $12 tickets will only be available the day of the show, at the door, so expect a line.

SURVIVE's two-part soundtrack album, Stranger Things Volumes 1 and 2, just got a digital release on iTunes this month, and their second full-length album, titled RR7349, is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp, and will be getting released September 30, a week before the Elbo Room show.

Below, listen to the first released track from that album, "A.H.B.", as well as an extended cut of the Stranger Things opening theme.