For a limited time, you can pay just $39 for $60 worth of the snazziest socks, boxers, and briefs on the planet.

Just because you drag yourself to work in a suit doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself underneath.

It’s easy: just go to town on Happy Socks’ line of snazzy briefs, boxers, and socks. And since you can currently get $60 worth of anything on their site for just $39, there’s no better time than now.

These undergarments are loud, fun, and designed to make a statement. We’d say more, but it’s best you see for yourself.

Their Big Dot Socks simply ooze fun:


How about these Stripe Socks? They’re mesmerizing.


And these Bark Boxers are to die for.


Take your choice of any of the briefs, boxers, and (of course) socks on the site. And don the color and pattern that fits whatever mood you’re in, from triangles and polka dots, to ice cream and hot dogs, and much more.

You’re also paying for great quality, meaning that even as you tear up the town, these undergarments won’t tear on you.

Don’t wait: pay only $39 for $60 worth of under-things that reflect whatever mood you’re in. Because when you’ve gotta mean business on the outside, you can still party on underneath.

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