In case you haven't noticed, or maybe there were no elephants on hand to remind you, but today is World Elephant Day! How does one celebrate this joyous occasion? Well, you can snack on some peanuts, sure, but here's a better use of your time: join Conservation Nation in their mission to save Asian elephants from extinction.

Did you know that Asian elephant populations have been reduced by 70 percent because of habitat loss, conflicts with farmers, illegal capture, and poaching for ivory and hides? It's estimated that fewer than 1,850 wild Asian elephants remain in Myanmar. We know that elephants may seem a world away, but conservationists refuse to sit idly by, letting this beautiful creature disappear.

Saving elephants from extinction is an important fight, and Conservation Nation is committed. With your help, they can reach their goal of $25,000 and fund the purchase of five satellite tracking collars. These collars will enable Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) scientists to track Asian elephants in the wild and mitigate poaching and human-elephant conflict.

$35. That is the amount of money a poacher receives for the hide of an Asian elephant, just $35. Today, on World Elephant Day, will you pledge $35 to help save them? Trying to save an entire species from extinction seems like a monumental (dare we say elephant-sized) task, but with your help, the community can make a real difference.

Join the herd today by uniting with Conservation Nation. You can donate directly to the cause, or start your own personal fundraising page to save elephants. Whatever you do, know that every action brings the world closer to a reality where elephants are no longer in danger.

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