The JCCSF's Arts & Ideas 2016-2017 series is going to take over your free time for a while. The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is hooking SF up with the big ideas, big laughs and big sounds of everyone we want to meet—and now you too can pull up a seat with these trendsetters.
We're talking Bryan Cranston, Hamilton's Daveed Diggs, Inside Amy Schumer's Jessi Klein, comedian W. Kamau Bell, the band Blonde Redhead, The Girls author Emma Cline, astronaut Mike Massimino and Mythbuster Adam Savage. In other words, the people in the shows we're binge-watching, the books we're reading, the music we're loving, the social and political commentary we're talking about and the planets we're exploring. (Did we mention the JCCSF will also be hosting food guru Mark Bittman, authors Michael Chabon and Jonathan Safran Foer, and NPR's legal affairs whiz Nina Totenberg? Seriously.)
We're going to let you in on a little secret. If you want to make sure you're in the room with these folks, you need to buy tickets now. Before they sell out.
Arts & Ideas at the JCCSF is where culture meets community. It's a season-long party with top cultural innovators of the moment, swapping ideas and hosting performances in the JCCSF's oversized living room. You won't want to miss it.

This post is brought to you by the JCCSF.

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