Following a renovation and revamp effort announced earlier this month, Central Kitchen reopens tonight with a more accessible, expanded menu, more pasta options, and a couple of new large-format meat dishes for sharing.

And perhaps most importantly, the bathrooms got a remodel, and aren't quite so bare bones.

@centralkitchen finally has an amazing bathroom. Opening the doors this Thursday.

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As chef Thomas McNaughton said in announcing the revamp, "It has always been our goal to be an accessible, neighborhood restaurant," and the changes reflect a move toward slightly lower price points, and smaller portions that allow for more of a small-plates, communal dining experience.

He tells Eater, "The old menu was so constrictive. The way I approached the new menu was us sitting down and saying, ‘What do we want to eat?’"

To that end, there are now five pastas — thanks in part to a new pasta cooker in the renovated kitchen — a selection of a half dozen snack items and seven vegetable plates like escarole with egg, bresaola, and chanterelle mushroom vinaigrette; and fresh shelling beans with grilled tomato and nasturtium.

Also, the biggest and priciest menu item is a $79 bone-in ribeye steak for two, marking one of the most expensive cuts of meat in town.

This is just the opening menu, and you can expect things to change on a weekly or even daily basis — expect a whole fried rock cod to make an appearance at some point, and for vegetables to get swapped in and out based on availability.


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