Though the SFPD has tried to suggest that only a couple of officers had any contact, sexual or otherwise, with the 18-year-old woman at the center of a broad-ranging sex scandal involving both the Oakland and Richmond Police Departments as well as the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, KQED did some digging on Facebook that proves otherwise. The station found that "at least two dozen current and former SFPD officers — as well as others affiliated with the department" were at some point "friends" with Guap on the social media platform, with a number of them liking and commenting on photos she posted of herself.

Presumably reporters Alex Emslie and Nicole Reinert were able to do this because Guap's Facebook profile and all of her posts are public, and without naming names they say they found comments and evidence of connections between Guap and at least three current and 21 retired SFPD officers, including "a former police commissioner and a recent member of the board of directors of the police officers’ union, the Police Officers Association."

SFPD spokesman Sgt. Michael Andraychak said that a review of officers' social media accounts may be part of what is an open internal affairs investigation.

Guap is an active poster on Instagram and Facebook with many selfies, some more suggestive than others, as well as photos of food and dogs. And she's left her account fully public despite the fact that many commenters are using it to verbally attack her, calling her a whore and many other things, now that this scandal has made so many headlines.

One recently retired SFPD officer who said he had friended Guap but shed ties with her as this scandal was breaking spoke anonymously with KQED, saying, "Police officers, being human, they do make mistakes. So they may ‘friend’ somebody who maybe they shouldn’t be friends with. We don’t always make the right decisions. We try to do what’s right, but it doesn’t always turn out that way."

The scandal, which first broke in May but deepened in June with the resignation of Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent, allegedly involves the exchange of confidential information with Guap regarding prostitution stings and police presence in East Oakland for sex. It has already led to at least three Oakland police officers being placed on administrative leave, and one officer's involvement with Guap when she was underage, and her threats of going public with the story, appears to have led to his suicide last September.

Guap made multiple connections with over 30 law enforcement officers across the Bay, by her own admission, some of whom she was introduced to by other officers but many of whom, it seems, she reached out to on her own, sometimes on social media.

She allegedly had sex with three SFPD officers, in all three cases after she turned 18 last summer. And KQED admits that the Facebook connections with dozens of other officers are not conclusive of anything, and it's unclear whether she knew any of the of officers in real life.

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