San Francisco's dining scene has a lot to offer, and the restaurants of our great city frequently get named some of the best in the country. But that can all be kind of intimidating, you know? So why not push it aside and pay $100 to drink meal-replacement beverage Soylent in a drab room instead? According to Hoodline you'd better get in line, because that's just exactly what many San Franciscans are already doing.

The dinner series is called Future Repasts, and it's already so popular that before even a single meal was held the creators received 140 reservation requests for a total of 56 available seats.

So what, exactly, is the deal? Are people really that stoked at the idea of drinking Soylent? The website isn't much help.

"Future Repasts is a speculative dinner series investigating how dining together can satiate us when the food is out of focus," it reads. "Each meal explores a critical element of a consummate fete while serving nothing but unmodified Soylent 2.0. Our first affair, Company, is an exercise in the interpersonal."

Hmm. Luckily for us, Hoodline spoke with one of the two organizers of the dinner series. "There are so few times in our lives when we take the time to focus on one another," Rebecca Power told the publication. "And it really only happens when we eat. And so we decided to really focus in on that by removing everything else."

Yeah, OK. Thankfully, the ticketing page provides a bit more clarity.

"Guests are led into a featureless white room and sat a table designed and set to turn the focus toward one another," it explains. "Please wear simple clothing in solid colors and refrain from wearing jewelry or other adornments. We ask that you avoid patterns, logos, or imagery of any kind."

Got that? You're to be bland and featureless, much like the Soylent bottle itself. But what if, like, Soylent gives you digestion problems? Will there be something else to nosh on? Other than Soylent, a glass of water, and (we imagine a much needed) glass of vodka, the answer is no.

"The only food served at Company is unmodified Soylent 2.0.," emphasizes the ticketing page. "If you or your guests are unfamiliar with Soylent, find it unappealing, or practice an incompatible diet, please eat beforehand, as no alternative foodstuffs are permitted at dinner."

The dinners are held on 9th Street near Mission, and can accommodate up to 8 people at a time (the $100 flat fee is for you and seven guests). The organizers suggest that you come with a full group of friends, as they think it might be awkward to try this out with strangers.

The next dinner is scheduled for July 20, should you have money you'd like to throw away and an inability to connect to your friends over a dinner of actual food.

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