When asked about reports that transportation network Lyft has been losing as much as $50 million a month, company President John Zimmer could have denied that amount, or offered another figure. But at a conference Monday he confirmed the massive monthly leak, saying that he preferred to think of the drain as an investment.

The discussion went down Monday, at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference. Zimmer, who is also Lyft's co-founder, was asked if rumors that Lyft had told investors that the company operates at around a $50 million monthly deficit, "Zimmer said they were," according to the SF Business Times.

What Zimmer took issue with was the idea that the company was losing that money, saying "I would use the word ‘investing.’”

"We're in a position now of building up scale," Zimmer said of the four-year-old company's losses, as he argued that $2 trillion is spent annually in the US on car ownership, but "we believe, in cities, that the majority of that spend will transition to transportation as a service."

(Perhaps that's the thinking behind the company's new "Premier" offering — is a fancier option more likely to convince us city folk to ditch our cars than the company's typical rando in a pink-mustached Kia?)

"The $50 million monthly "'investment' is well worth it for that future opportunity," Zimmer says, "and we have more than enough money now to get through it to break even,"

Breaking even, that sounds good, right? Especially for a company that after the close of its ninth round of funding was worth a rumored $5.5 billion.

But when asked when that break even point might occur, Zimmer hedged a bit more (perhaps thinking about all the rumors that Lyft is actually trying to get itself sold). "I'm not going to say a specific date now," he stonewalled. "Obviously, things change month-to-month."

"But, yeah, more than enough money."